Spring, says the calendar 


Spring is like a perhaps hand

Spring is like a perhaps hand

(which comes carefully

out of Nowhere) arranging

a window, into which people look (while

people stare

arranging and changing placing

carefully there a strange

thing and a known thing here) and


changing everything carefully


spring is like a perhaps

Hand in a window

(carefully to

and fro moving New and

Old things, while

people stare carefully

moving a perhaps

fraction of flower here placing

an inch of air there) and


without breaking anything.


e. e. cummings


How did I miss the arrival of Spring? Here in the Pacific Northwest, rain and endless gloom have erased all memory of a hopeful season. Still, the calendar says March 20th, Spring Equinox.  Is it spring in your world? Can you feel the hand changing everything carefully?


You've won a ride on the Glimmer Train 

Congratulations Allyson Whipple!

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Thanks to all who took a chance and played with me. All is not lost. There's plenty of Stefanie to enjoy: Feeding Strays, a flash fiction collection; and her her new book, Surrounded by Water, will be published in May 2012.

Write on, and please return for another book giveaway in April.




Thankful Thursday: Is that you, gratitude?

It's Thankful Thursday.
Gratitude. Appreciation. Praise.
Please join me in a weekly pause
to appreciate people, places & things.

Gratitude is missing.

Some days the sky is gray, the mood gloomy and it's a fight to bring thankful and me together in a heartfelt hug.

Before you throw platitudes (or tomatoes) my way, please know I am grateful. I've got work, a house, good health. I love and am loved. I take none of this lightly.

But gratitude has a shiny appeal; you expect it from the new and unusual. It's more difficult, or perhaps less exciting, to express gratitude for the everyday routine. And, of course, this is exactly when and why gratitude is needed — to jolt us from expectation.

Things I'd like to feel thankful for:

Thrashing wind and heavy rain
(I'm not thankful, just weary and worn).

Cheery encouragements on Facebook
(In my grumbled state, cheer is annoying).

The lifting of self-awareness. I'd like to leave myself behind
(Note: I realize the irony in this statement).

Knowing proper use of the word irony
(I don't. Thanks a lot Alanis Morissette).

Things I'm actually thankful for:

The smooth glide of pen across page.

The sound of the ocean, like a bathtub filling.

A well-written horoscope.

The gift of a book.

Tom Waits
("a voice that sounds like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon").

Peanut butter.

The realization that gratitude is not complicated.
It's just one word, said true: thanks.

Enough about me. What are you thankful for today?



Dear Sir, I like words.

I like words.

I like fat buttery words, such as

ooze, turpitude, glutinous, toady.

I like solemn, angular, creaky words,

such as straitlaced, cantankerous,

pecunious, valedictory.


A letter from copywriter Robert Pirosh to potential employers in 1934. As proof of the power of a well-crafted letter, Pirosh went on to write for the Marx Brothers and earned an Academy Award for his script Battleground.

Read the full letter at Letters of Note, a site paying homage to correspondence. Shaun Usher is the editor, and he offers equally entertaining and enlightening companion sites: Lists of Note and Letterheady.

The Letters of Note book will be available in November 2012.



Love that line!



Anna misses her husband
the way you miss gloves on
an October day only after you've
seen a nice pair on someone
else's hands.